Children Dentistry in Sarisbury Green

Children’s teeth can decay and cause toothache just like adult teeth. Many people think that taking their children to the dentist is unimportant as a child’s milk teeth will fall out anyway. However, some milk teeth have to last a child until the age of 13, and some children can start getting their adult teeth as early as age 6. Thus not addressing your children’s dental health issues can be just as problematic as for adults and furthermore can lead to dental problems for your child in the future. As usual prevention is better than a cure.

Children’s check ups start from £9, and our children’s treatment fees have remained frozen since 2007. Children should start having checkups from the age of 3. At the Barker Dental Care, we have not only tried to make the financial impact of your children’s check ups less painful, but also with our thorough and careful attention to your child’s dental health, we will help minimize the discomfort and pain which your children could suffer from untreated tooth problems.

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