Quality Assurance Policy

Our Quality Assurance Policy is based on a consistent Statement of Principles outlined below. Regular independent monitoring of our policies and procedures in addition to utilising clinical audits ensures that we frequently monitor and improve the quality of care we provide. All treatment offered and provided at the practice will be clinically justified, appropriate, and carried out to the highest standard possible with proper regard for the dignity and autonomy of our patients.

As part of our quality assurance policy we ensure that:

We listen to our patients:
• We care about how our patients feel and think about the practice, and we encourage them to let us know how we are doing by using the feedback forms located in the waiting room, as well as by listening and acting upon, where practicable, the views and opinions expressed in the feedback or to any members of staff.
• We offer several different avenues for patients to provide us with feedback.
• We discuss patient feedback and ways of responding at staff meetings.
• We deal promptly with any patient complaints using our complaints procedure, and we openly discuss and learn from any shortcomings in the service we provide.

We ensure that patients are aware of their treatment options, risks, benefits, and costs:
• We will always take into account the patient’s wishes in regard to proposing treatment.
• We will explain treatment options (where appropriate) and related costs so that the patient can make an informed decision regarding their treatment.
• The patient will always be given an individually tailored treatment plan.
• Patients are also provided with one of our treatment handouts, where applicable, which explain in detail the options, risks, and benefits of particular dental treatments.
• All staff are suitably trained to answer most queries. However, if more involved clinical explanation is required, advice will be sought from the patient’s dentist.

We set and maintain high standards of infection control:
• All of our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that they comply with the latest national guidelines.
• Our staff receive regular training in cross infection and undergo continuous monitoring to ensure these standards are met.
• We have a dedicated decontamination room for processing instruments, and all equipment is validated and tested according to manufacturer’s instructions and national guidelines.

We ensure that all legal requirements relating to Health & Safety in the workplace are satisfied:
• We carry out regular inspections of the premises and equipment used.
• We regularly review all of our Health & Safety policies to ensure that they are meet current guidelines and legislation.
• We ensure that all of our staff are properly trained.
• We follow all advice and guidelines to ensure that our premises and the equipment that we use are safe and function appropriately.

We ensure that all legal requirements relating to Radiological Protection are satisfied:
• Our x-ray equipment is serviced on a regular basis and checked weekly.
• We have a radiation protection file which is continuously monitored and reviewed.
• We take every care to ensure that quality radiographs are produced to minimise the risk of repeated x-rays.
• All staff involved in taking x-rays or processing x-rays receive proper training in doing so and have regular IRMER radiation protection training.

We comply with any requirements of the General Dental Council in respect of the Continuing Professional Development of dental practitioners and other clinical staff:
• We fully adhere to all professional standards as set out by the General Dental Council to ensure that our skills and knowledge are at the forefront in the provision of the most up to date dental treatments and customer care services.
• Full induction processes are carried out for new staff, and appraisals and personal development plans are discussed on a yearly basis for all employees.
• All of our staff receive regular training on infection control, relevant aspects of radiation protection, CPR, medical emergencies, and fire warden training.
• All dentists, hygienists, and dental nurses participate in Continuing Professional Development each year to ensure that our high standards are maintained.
• We maintain records of registration, indemnity, immunisations, continuing professional development, and certifications of compliance on all members of staff.

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