Tooth Coloured Composite Reconstruction in Sarisbury Green

Our teeth are constantly being put under biting and clenching forces which over time can wear down the natural length of teeth, can create cracks in teeth, and can even cause portions of tooth to break off. Depending on the damage to the tooth structure, there are often different dental treatment alternatives available, one of which is tooth coloured composite reconstruction/build ups.

For this dental treatment to be successful, it requires that the dentist be skilled in constructing cosmetically appealing and completely natural looking tooth coloured composite reconstructions/build ups. With his many years of experience and his extensive cosmetic dental training, Tim has the ability to create beautiful tooth coloured composite reconstructions that mirror the shape, length, colour, and translucency of the patient’s natural tooth making the restorations often indistinguishable from the remaining natural tooth structure.

Please take a look at our gallery pictures to see the fantastic results that can be achieved.

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