Spotting Tooth Decay in Sarisbury Green

It can be very difficult for patients to know or see what is happening in their own mouths. In this case, the dentist noticed discolouration in a tooth during a routine examination. This indicated that there was the potential for decay below the surface of the tooth and that the tooth structure itself was weakened.

To the untrained eye, the tooth in the before picture would not indicate that a problem even existed. However, as you can see in the second photo, after drilling away the surface layer of the tooth, the decay is clearly visible.

The final photo simply shows a very natural looking tooth. The beautiful filling, which the dentist placed for this patient, is indistinguishable from the natural tooth structure. In this instance, the difference between spotting this issue now and “waiting and watching” is a bigger, more costly, and more invasive treatment required at a later date. Ignoring cracks in teeth, misaligned bites, heavily filled teeth (which could break), an abscess, decay, or gum disease, all leave the patient needing bigger, more costly treatments in the end or even losing the teeth altogether.

Great preventative dentistry requires having regular check-ups with a dentist who has the skills and knowledge to spot potential problems when they arise, who can discuss with you the options for treatment, and who has the clinical abilities to correct these issues. Our dentists at Barker Dental Care will provide you with all the tools and treatments necessary to keep your mouth in excellent health.

timSmall areas of tooth decay like this can easily be missed. Regular meticulous examinations by a dentist using lighted magnification is essential for early detection.

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