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8th April 2022 | 0 comments

Thankfully dental trauma is not a common occurrence, but when dental accidents do occur they are often complicated to correct.  Dental trauma can happen due to a fall, being hit by a flying object, or car crash to name a few.

This patient experienced a significant dental trauma when she was thrown from her horse.  As you can see in the before photo below, the fall resulted in a major fracture to several of her upper central teeth.   After initially being seen in hospital to assess, she was then immediately seen by her dentist at the practice, Tim Barker.

The treatment and cosmetic work that Tim did for this patient would have not necessarily been done by another dentist.  Tim, recognizing the importance for the patient of being able to smile again as soon as possible, carried out the treatment to make that a reality.

As well as doing the necessary work to save the teeth/roots by root filling the most severely damaged tooth, Tim used composite to bond the recovered tooth fragments back in place.   Although the larger fragments had been retained, smaller pieces of tooth enamel were lost.  To overcome this imperfection, Tim created composite veneers on the front of these teeth as well.  The final result as you can see in the photo was quite remarkable.

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The treatment solution that Tim provided for this patient only hours after her fall from the horse meant that she could walk out of the surgery with confidence and with the ability to smile again.  A more permanent dental treatment solution such as crowns or post crowns on these teeth will likely be needed in time, but this medium term solution created immediate results in her time of dental trauma.

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