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Cracks In Teeth

19th July 2016 | 0 comments

One of the many things that our dentists check for during a routine dental examination is cracks in teeth.  Cracks in teeth can sometimes last as they are for quite a long time, but the crack itself indicates that the natural tooth structure is compromised.  The pictures below point out the cracks that have been seen by our dentists in patient’s teeth. 

crack tooth 2 labelled cracked tooth 1 labeled Cracked Tooth 3 labelled


Because of a crack in the tooth, over time the tooth structure will weaken potentially causing parts of the tooth to break off.  Once this happens, the critical issue is how badly has the tooth broken?  If there is still enough natural tooth structure remaining, you will typically be advised by the dentist to either have the tooth rebuilt with composite or better still to crown the tooth.  Crowning the broken tooth in this situation gives the remaining natural tooth structure long-term strength and stability.  However, if the tooth is badly broken or splits in two, a restoration will not be effective, and the tooth will likely need to be extracted. 

While a cracked tooth may not cause any symptoms at all for some patients, for other patients cracked teeth can become painful with patients typically experiencing a short sharp pain when biting on something firm.  The ideal situation is to avoid tooth loss and tooth pain where possible and also to prevent larger issues from developing before the cracked tooth decides to break.  If you have not had a check-up recently or are experiencing any issues with your teeth, do not hesitate to give our reception team a ring on (01489) 572308 who will be happy to arrange an appointment for you. 

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